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What is SmarterPay?

SmarterPay is a BACS approved payment solution designed to make life easier for you. This enhanced system means paying staff and suppliers, collecting customer payments and receiving membership subscriptions just became even easier.

Whether you are a business looking to set up and make BACS Direct Debit and Direct Credit payments or you are searching for a simple and efficient payment system for your not for profit organisation, talk to us today or why not try us out for free?


Why use SmarterPay?

• Setup Direct Debit Instructions to bill your customers

• Pay your staff and suppliers using Direct Credits

• Integrates with your accounts or payroll software

• Full audit trail with financial controls

• Control and authorise payments with smartcard access

Key Features


See the status of all payments instantly, with full transparency of all transfers


Full auditability and reporting available with greater control from start to finish


Automatically submit payments to BACS using a HSM, no manual intervention required


Send and collect payments on behalf of your customers. Perfect for accountancies and outsourced service providers


Discover the benefits

If your business needs an efficient, easy-to-use payment system it can trust, then SmarterPay has the answer.

Contact us now for your no-obligation consultation and see the benefits for yourself.

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